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Gemma Clancy February 12, 2019 3 min read

Writing a relief teacher CV that gets noticed

If you’re ready to pick up some more relieving work and you’d like to connect with more schools BUT you don’t have an up-to-date CV….Then don’t stress, there are plenty of online tools to help you with this, such as Canva (my personal fav), Pinterest or if you simply Google CV templates there are loads that pop up.

The tip here is to keep it simple! One page usually is more than enough (so I’ve been told by relief organisers from schools).

Below I have outlined the main points that
I would put in a CV, of course, you may want to include other important information, so this is just one example of a template made on Canva.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 5.01.20 pm.png

Photo and Name 

Popping a photo on your CV makes it much more personal and allows the school to put a face to the name when you go in for your first day of relief work. 

Contact Details

It's extremely important to check you have put your cell number on your CV correctly as well as an alternative method of contacting you, such as your email address. Schools often like to see which suburb you live in so they can judge roughly how long it may take you to come in if they're contacting you last minute, they also may need to pay mileage.

Registration Number and MOE number

This makes it easy for schools when checking your details against the Education Council website and also for Payroll.

Personal Statement

Write a little blurb about yourself (you can jazz this up and make it fun). You could mention a little about your personal life, how long you’ve been teaching for or why you are going into relieving. Keep it relatively short but this is where you can let your personality shine.


This is where you can highlight any specific skills you may have such as: being able to speak another language, playing an instrument, standing on one's head...or perhaps you have a background skill set in a particular area such as Science? You could also add any relevant PD courses you've attended too.

Past Experience

I like to keep this to the last 5 years (10 years max), especially if you’ve got a lot of experience. List the schools you’ve worked at, the year groups you taught, any relevant PD courses you attended or if you were in charge of any Units (such as Literacy, Maths etc).


An obvious...but choose someone who you know will give you a glowing reference. Nominate someone who you’ve recently worked with and I always like to contact the referee first to ask them if it’s ok to put their contact details down and to expect a phone call.

Now you’ve got your CV, what do you do?

There are a few ways you could get your CV out there to schools. Some people like to go around and hand out their CVs manually so they can meet the relief organiser in person, however you have to make sure you time this correctly as often they will be in class teaching.

Or an ever increasingly popular way is to sign up to a third party such as SeekaTeacher and you can upload your new CV and send it directly, from your computer to the relief organiser of the School you’d like to work at. This can then be viewed by the right person at a time that works for them, there's no risk of it getting lost when handing it in and we've even had relievers send their CV through, be connected with a School and receive job notifications within 20 minutes. Very easy, very quick!

Try it here -

Registration takes 2 minutes :)

Good Luck out there! You've got this!