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Gemma Clancy May 24, 2019 2 min read

Sick of feeling Sick? How to keep those bugs at bay


There’s nothing worse than waking up with a blocked nose, eyes streaming and a raging headache to then be consumed by guilt about whether to go to School or not. A lot of teachers will turn up regardless of how they’re feeling and what’s worse...there's nowhere to hide at School and there are 30 other humans to look after.

So, how can you avoid getting sick repetitively?

These tips may sound simple but ask yourself, ARE you doing these consistently?

Drink LOTS of Water. Keep a bottle with you, put a rubber band around the bottom every time you drink a full bottle to help you keep track of how much you’re consuming.

Eat healthily. Good fuel in your body will boost your immune system and help you recover much quicker if you do get sick!

Exercise regularly. Try make this a priority for yourself for just half an hour a day, your immune system and your mind will thank you for this. This can be hard when you're tired but whether it's getting up that extra bit earlier in the morning or pushing a workout in the evening, I really do believe this is incredibly important for both your mind and body. 

Go to bed earlier. Make sure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep. Unwind, at the end of the night and let your mind and body rest by reading a book before bed.

Rest and relax. Unwind and take some ‘ME’ time. 10 minutes/day of complete stillness was something I tried for a challenge for 1 month and I cannot express how great it was. But it could be a hot bath, a device ban for the night a walk around the block, something you do for you. 

Keep your hands away from your mouth. You probably don’t realise how often you do this subconsciously.

Keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer with you and a box of tissues in the class.

Wipe down kids desks and surfaces with antibacterial wipes (this can be done by the kids too).

Teach a unit around cleanliness and hygiene. Show kids how to cough and sneeze without splattering everyone else around them.

Set specific times for kids to wash their hands. 5 minutes before and after break. Don’t forget to wash yours too.

If you’ve been following the above and you’re still getting sick, depending on what you have, here are some trusty over the counter meds that have been recommended:

Vitamin C



Day and Night

Strepsil throat spray - My go to and I swear by it! 



Hot Drinks - Lemon, Honey and Ginger or a Hot Toddy!

Nasal sprays and decongestants

It’s inevitable as teachers we're going to get sick, even more so if it's your first year teaching.

However, if you’re consistent in following the above you will find it helps.

Remember, on a daily basis you take so much care of everyone else, it's just as important to take care of yourself.