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by Gemma Clancy
35 days ago 3 min read

Movie questions that will get the kids buzzing!

In light of the re-make of the Lion King, I thought what a great way to get kids engaged and talking in the first week but about a topic kids tend to love - Movies! Movies have that nostalgic feeling. Songs take you back, characters voices or even the Disney ...

by Gemma Clancy
38 days ago 3 min read

Kick starting the term with a Hiss and a Roar

Holidays seem to go as quick as they arrive but hopefully, you've taken some time to unwind and recharge those batteries. If you're trying to think about how to kick start the Term in a positive way then read below, for some ideas :) Re-affirm expectations Try let the children ...

by Gemma Clancy
45 days ago 5 min read

HOLIDAYS! Time to unwind, relax and re-centre but not sure how to switch off?

That magic word - Holiday's. You hear it being tossed around the staff room as the school term comes to an end, you feel the excitement bubble up inside as you think about lying in bed for that extra hour and not having to trudge around outside in the cold. ...

by Gemma Clancy
91 days ago 2 min read

Sick of feeling Sick? How to keep those bugs at bay

There’s nothing worse than waking up with a blocked nose, your eyes streaming and a raging headache to then be consumed by guilt about not going to School. A lot of teachers will still turn up regardless of how they’re feeling and what’s worse...there's nowhere to hide at School and ...

by Gemma Clancy
149 days ago 5 min read

Eggciting Easter Activities!!

If you’re at that point in the term and your brains a little fuzzy and you’re struggling to come up with some Easter activity ideas then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From inside to outside choices, you won’t fall short if the weather changes. Eggcelent! Outside activities The perfect ...

by Gemma Clancy
163 days ago 3 min read

How to get relief work in NZ - Check out these 3 ways

Perhaps you’re new to an area or you’re coming back into the workplace after an extended break and you’re looking to become a relief teacher. One common question is, ‘How do I pick up relief work?’ This may seem obvious to some relievers, however, times are changing in how schools ...

by Gemma Clancy
192 days ago 3 min read

Writing a relief teacher CV that gets noticed

If you’re ready to pick up some more relieving work and you’d like to connect with more schools BUT you don’t have an up to date CV….Then don’t stress, there are plenty of online tools to help you with this, such as Canva (my personal fav), Pinterest or if you ...

by Gemma Clancy
202 days ago 6 min read

Games to have up your sleeve that require little to no equipment!

I like to have a few games up my sleeve for when I relieve (most of these I picked up when I was full-time teaching and the rules may have changed as I've adapted or forgotten the real way haha, so definitely tweak them to suit) I like them because ...

by Gemma Clancy
208 days ago 7 min read

Back to School Tips and Tricks- For beginners, experts and everyone in between

When that long-awaited Summer break comes to a close and we start to think about the school year ahead, this can bring up a multitude of mixed feelings.....

by Gemma Clancy
316 days ago 5 min read

What to pack in your reliever bag?

“What should I take when I go relieving?” “Do I plan for the whole day?” “What happens if I get there and they’ve changed the year group I’m meant to be teaching?” These are common questions often asked by relievers.